Guidelines for making the bookmarks

Beau Beausoleil writes:

You don’t have to be a project member to make our bookmarks, but anyone making a bookmark should understand what this project is about and why distributing the finished bookmarks is a symbolic action of some importance to us. Try and make your bookmarks within six months of signing on for this.

Bookmarks incorporate the text: “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here”


Make, and distribute, at least 50 bookmarks.


Use card stock or any paper heavier than typing paper.


Make them the size of an ordinary bookmark, our store bookmark is 2 inches by 5 1/2 inches, but yours can be longer.


I’d rather that you not just place them in a stack somewhere, I’d rather that you paste/post them (maybe slip one into a library book) or some imaginative place. Maybe hand one to someone you see reading on the bus or the tube. Maybe start a conversation.


You can write the line out by hand, you can make a rubber stamp, you can letterpress it, it can be roughshod or beautiful. But don’t lose the words in the beauty!


Take a photo of one or more of your “placements” and tell me about any associated adventures or conversations


Work solo or with a group


Send me five bookmarks for our archive (include your name, city and country)


Feel free to work in other languages besides Arabic or English



Join us, enlist your class, book club, or best friend!

All best, Beau

PS. Bookmark makers in the UK may send their five project copies of their bookmark to Sarah Bodman at UWE Bristol, who will then forward them to me. My home address is – 719 Lisbon, San Francisco, CA. 94112

PPS. And please refrain from adding any website project info on your bookmark (I’ve had a few queries about this).The truth is that this bookmark project isn’t about telling someone to go to our site, that would be a kind of selling of our project that I’m just not comfortable with. The bookmarks, and where they are placed, are to show people that al-Mutanabbi Street starts in many places within their own cultural community. I think the urge to google that name will be irresistible for some, and our website is the first listing under Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here. And if they merely carry away that phrase, well that’s fine with me too!

And yes to art on the other side!

If you’d like a page on this blog, please e-mail images, descriptions, stories and website or blog addresses to the editor, Ama Bolton, barleybooks(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

thank you …



4 thoughts on “Guidelines for making the bookmarks”

  1. My digital media class has made bookmarks to participate in your project, but we’re wondering if we should email you pictures of the bookmarks in their native habitat. If so, may we have an email address?
    Thank you,
    CSU Chico Digital Media


  2. I made a bookmark can you please tell me where to email the images that I took when placing them in different location? Thank you.


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