Zaira Ahmad Zaka Pakistan

zaira ahmad

Zaira is a fine artist and curator, living and working in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

She writes:

My bookmark contains the text “Al-Mutanabbi street starts here” with images of my prints. I have expressed my feelings in my native language “Urdu” which explains how I felt about the bombing of al-mutannabi street & related it to attack in Peshawar school in 2015 killing 132 children. I have distributed the bookmarks at ‘Danish Embassy’ during opening of women artist exhibition – Islamabad, Pakistan. I posted them to my very first teachers in art field, and distributed them among many artists and book-lovers.
I am also organizing a small talk about these two dreadful events of our region, and will share images with everyone.
Good luck for your such an amazing and successful project. It opened a window that how one can get involved with a project and it became part of your work….
You can follow my fb page Zaira Zaka Studioto follow  activities of my Printmaking projects.
In the studio
In the studio


In the library
In the library


In the library
In the library

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