Mary V Marsh, USA

Mary made these bookmarks using the linoleum block she carved for Absence & Presence, the Al-mutanabbi Street printmaking project. It was a reduction print, so only the final layer of line was left on the block. The technique, a process in which you cannot go back and retrieve what was lost, echoes the lost history. She chose grey paper for the street. The block and lead type were letterpress-printed at Kala Art Institute, Berkeley California.

Mary says:

I made about 80 bookmarks and am starting to distribute. Here are a few placements:

1. To my Friday morning drawing group.

2. On the postcard rack at Hawk and Pony cafe, Oakland, California.

3. On the announcement table at Kala Art Institute studio where they were made.


4. At Gulliver’s Bookstore in Fairbanks, Alaska.


5. I took bookmarks to Portland, shared them with friends, and left them at Multnomah Central Library, and several cafes.