Chloe Ciao Lo Taiwan/USA

Chloe bookmark_front Chloe bookmark_back

Chloe is a student at California State University, Chico. She writes:

I had a great time doing this project after I learned the meaning behind this movement.
I draw an eye on the front of my bookmark because I think that human’s eyes are the window to one’s soul.
On the back of the bookmark is the word “book “written in 19 different languages,
I hope more people around the world can recognize this movement.

I placed my bookmarks randomly on the bulletin board, in the international student office, and around public computers.
Since I am an international student from Taiwan, I am hoping this project could be seen by different people around the world.
Thus, I went to the international student office and explained my motivation of dropping them around the office.
Surprisingly, most of the staff took a piece of my bookmark and allow me to place it at the entrance of the office.
Chloe Photo May 11, 1 26 45 PM
Chloe Photo May 11, 1 39 11 PM
Chloe Photo May 11, 1 44 04 PM

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