Anthony Murillo USA

A Murillo 1

A Murillo 2

I began making my bookmark with the idea of using the human figure dressed in clothing from Baghdad culture. I thought of the idea of what Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here means and I thought that it begins with information reception. I wanted to illustrate a narrative of a man reading a book with a woman’s image on the cover to show that education is vital to the life of men and women equally. After doing some more research about Al-Mutanabbi street and the car bombing of 2007 I decided that I did not want to get into politics because the message is straightforward and I wanted to create a curiosity and awareness about the event instead of my own political statement.
In addition, I wanted to create an image that is equivocated gender wise and address the issue of stereotypes.
On one side of the bookmark I combined vector graphics with a scan of a hand drawn image to make a design which illustrates a person reading a book with the title, “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here”. On the flip-side of the marker I also used vector graphics and composed rectilinear lines into shapes and filled them with different colors in order to create variety, contrast, and repetition in the composition. In addition, I think that the abstract image on one side will raise questions about the quasi-objective image on the other side.






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